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Inspiring Ideas about Arts in America

Taylor Swift for President

If you do not have a tween in your household, don’t sport a friendship bracelet or, well…just don’t care, you might have missed that Taylor Swift has added another 16 songs to her musical canon with her album that dropped last night at midnight, “Tortured Poets...

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the cure for loneliness…Art

 I was recently elected to my local Board of Education, and in the process, was inspired to think about the cure for loneliness. I’m honored to be a public steward and contribute to my community. While many people told me the odds were in my favor (I’m a Democrat in a...

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Schrodinger’s AI: Is Art Dead?

But are we asking the right questions, and measuring the most important aspects of an artist’s life? Or can we envision a future where AI frees us all to be more creative, more expressive, and more human?
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Within a Forest Dark: Art’s Journey into AI

It’s clear that there is a popular thread of argument that claims that AI-generated art is fundamentally different in some tangible and identifiable way from that created by humans. And yet, science would tell us otherwise.
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American Art vs. AI – How to Win the First Battle

4A Arts exists to change the narrative around arts and culture in the United States, particularly in this age facing an art vs. AI showdown. We believe art is for everyone, everyone is an artist, and American art creates American identity. We aim to lift up the work...

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Anti-Trans Legislation Is Cultural Genocide

And America Is Lesser for It Here at 4A Arts, we believe that arts and culture are basic human rights as well as vital components of an active, participatory citizenship; they are essential pieces of America’s heritage and global identity. Anti-trans legislation...

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