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4A Arts is proud to announce our new program, “Organizing for the Arts” (O4A), a grassroots organizing initiative instigating action across the country. This effort directly impacts our efforts to change the narrative around arts, culture, design, and craft nationwide, thereby inspiring greater support and funding from elected leaders at the local, state, and federal levels. 


With O4A, we partner with state arts advocacy organizations to directly engage citizens and build a team of arts advocates in communities across the state. 


Read on for more about how the program works. 

An infographic explaining how Organizing for the Arts (O4A) works.
Here is how O4A works: 
O4A is designed to leverage 4A Arts’ strengths, and bring grassroots organizing techniques to state arts advocacy organizations – most of whom are under-resourced for the important work they’re charged with undertaking.
By providing messaging frameworks, content, and distribution techniques, O4A becomes a part of the team in each state we partner with. 
The state advocacy organization then uses the collateral and techniques to build their numbers – often in anticipation of an arts day, budget adoption, specific legislation or local event. 
This activates local individuals – who then take the message to their representatives. In this way, each advocacy organization builds its numbers and also enables citizens to self-identify as “boots on the ground” in that state for our growing national movement. 
We know that activating local citizens can move policy and funding in each state’s legislature. 
And with increased funding going to local arts organizations comes increased impact – the power of American arts, culture, design and craft. 
ALL of this activity across various states generates data and results, which are a key component of the research work 4A Arts does. As this data comes back to 4A Arts, it serves to strengthen 4A Arts’ offerings for the arts advocacy organizations with whom it partners – with each organization benefitting from the other states that are participating. 

Want to be a part of O4A?

If you’d like to inquire about your state arts advocacy organization being a part of the Organizing for the Arts program, click the button below to send us an email.

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