Equitable access to all arts for all Americans can help tackle almost all problems.

The mission of 4A Arts is to democratize, catalyze and prioritize arts and culture for American society.



with our robust website connecting artists and audiences, ground-breaking research, and entertaining content (opinion pieces and podcast)



through a tenacious movement to create a US Department of Arts & Culture



by serving as a champion of educating and informing the American public and elected leaders about the importance of the creative economy

Why 4A Arts

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Our Vision

4A Arts envisions a United States where arts and culture are taken into consideration during all decision-making processes for American society and elected leaders; where equitable access to all arts for all Americans is possible; where arts and artists are employed for achieving the goals of individuals and communities; where arts are used as tools to solve systemic-wide problems in seemingly unrelated industries; and where arts are given representation and support at the local, state and federal level – particularly with a United States Department of Arts & Culture.

Hi, friends, fellow artists and audience members. Welcome to 4A Arts.

Years ago at my 80th birthday, I asked my friends and colleagues to create an activist organization akin to the “AARP of Arts & Culture”. I had seen the impact AARP had made for senior citizens throughout the United States – advocating at the local, state and federal level, greater respect for the demographic, education, information, research, and the occasional perks just for being a member.

Why  on earth don’t we, working with existing groups, have a member-based advocacy organization working on behalf of artists and audiences who are the economic engine of small towns and big cities in all fifty states?
Well, no one took my suggestion at my 80th birthday. So when I was 85, I started 4A Arts.
I’ve stepped away from directing 4A Arts but remain as the chair of the board because this is a movement near and dear to my heart. And I’m excited to see where a new team takes this vision.
I firmly believe that nothing spurs the American economy like creativity and nothing spurs American creativity like the arts.
I hope you’ll join our movement, become a member, and get involved. Nothing less than the soul of America is at stake.

Charlie Reinhart
Found Director, 4A Arts

I’m thrilled to welcome you to 4A Arts.“Thrilled” might seem hyperbolic, but it’s no exaggeration.I firmly believe that the 4As Art mission can help build a membership of millions that will help our country see its own humanity instead of its divisions.Yes, I think 4As, along with the arts organizations with which we will work, are the key to saving our democracy, our economy, our society and our planet.In the midst of our modern-day noise, art helps us slow down, ground ourselves, listen, and re-connect.

And if we haven’t already made clear, for 4As, art isn’t just about paintings and dance. It’s about quilters and potters and beaders and low-rider painters and interior designers and bar tenders who go the extra mile with a flourished garnish.
Art is in all of us.
We are all artists.
And we are, of course, all audience members.

So welcome to 4A Arts. You play two roles – as artist and audience.But your most important role is saving the soul of America.Thank you for joining us.

Artfully yours,Gavin

Join the movement to prioritize the arts and culture industry as highly as all other American industries.