Across the top of a dark blue box, the text reads "4A Evidence" and features a red graphic below that with "Arts+ Well-being" written on it, and the above captioned quote beneath it, attributed to Dance Magazine.
Arts+ Democracy

In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke at the opening of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and all of us at 4A Arts find this quote particularly resonant, as we work to democratize, catalyze, and prioritize arts, culture, design and craft in this country. 

Read his entire speech at the link below. 

Photograph: Leon Perskie(1899–1982)
Alternative names: Leon Albert Perskie; Leon A. Perskie Description: American photographer Date of birth/death: 10 April 1899 / 21 August 1982
Location of birth/death: Atlantic City / Baltimore Authority file: Q109051040 Scan: FDR Presidential Library & Museum – CT 09-109(1), CC BY 2.0,
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