Across the top of a dark blue box, the text reads "4A Evidence" and features a red graphic below that with "Arts+ Well-being" written on it, and the above captioned quote beneath it, attributed to Dance Magazine.

This is so exciting. Look at this really clear, concise and compelling look at the impact of arts, culture, design and craft in health outcomes. University of Florida’s Center for Arts in Medicine shared this evidence-based framework for arts and culture in public health and it informs these general recommendations for action:


*Co-locate health and social services with arts and cultural activity. *Partner with arts organizations and artists on design and implementation of interventions. *Hire local artists to work on research teams, from design to dissemination. *Look to existing local art and cultural artifacts for answers to research questions. *Co-develop priority and core outcomes for cross-sector work. *Coordinate joint convenings at the local, state, and national levels. *Advocate for inclusion of arts and culture in Healthy People 2040.


Read more and access the landmark study that laid the foundation for this online tool at the link below.


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