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How to Post on 4A Arts – 3 Simple Steps


Step 1: Sign Up to Submit Programming

Create an organization or artist account by clicking Sign Up in the Submit Programming menu.

Step 2: Create a Profile

Once you have created or logged in to your organization or artist account, you can complete your profile page. You must publish your profile page in order to add an event.

Step 3: Create an Event

Once you have created your profile, you can post an event. All events require a title, a start and end date (or select no end date for ongoing programs), a location, and at least one category selection.

Editing Your Profile, Venue, and Event Pages


Use the Submit Programming menu to:

Posting Online Programming


Select Online as the Location

Instead of entering an address for the location, select the online checkbox.

Select Online as a Category

Please select “Online” as one of the categories for your event in the Categories & Filters section in order to appear in more searches. We recommend that you also select at least one additional category.

Hybrid Events

If an event is happening in person and online. Please enter the physical location of an event in the Where section and select “Online” in the Categories & Filters section.

Posting Covid-19 Resources


Select Online or No Location as the Location

Instead of entering an address for the location, select the online or no location checkbox.

Select COVID-19 Resources as a Category

Select “COVID-19 Resources” as a category in the Category & Filters section in order to show up in a search for COVID-19 Resources. You may select more than one category.

Account Types

You may only have one account on the site for each email address. Our site has two types of accounts, user/member accounts and posting accounts for organizations and artists. The Sign Up for an organization or artist account can be found under the Submit Programming menu.


If you have questions about creating your organization or artist profile or posting events, please contact

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